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I love reading and writing. I read most genres but my favourites would be paranormal romances and inspirational/motivational books. I have mostly started this blog because I love to read so much and want to share my reviews and thoughts with the world or anyone who wants to read it, giving my little bit of input to the world as well as any topics of light that would help and motivate you. I am also an aspiring author, in between reading books and reviewing them, I am writing two separate books, one fiction and one non-fiction. I have too many books and Ebooks, enough to last me probably 2 lifetimes! You can never have enough books... he he

Mini Book Review: Kiss of Darkness (Charmed #2) by Brandon Alexander & Constance M Burge

Kiss of Darkness  - Brandon Alexander, Constance M. Burge

Series: Charmed #2
Publisher: Pocket
Publication Date: 1999
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Source: Library
Audio or Book: Paperback
Length: 182 pages

Goodreads Synopsis:

Something changed Prue Halliwell on New Year's Eve, when a stranger gave her the most passionate kiss of her life. Now Prue feels driven to kiss every man she meets. At first this is fun, but when Prue starts to grow weaker with every kiss, the Charmed Ones know evil is afoot. 

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My Review:

I really enjoyed this quick read. I chose this book because I needed a light in between read and this series is just perfect for that! It's a quick magical adventure with just enough depth to satisfy your reading requirements and light enough that you can breeze through it without too much concentration. 
For me, even though this book was mainly about Prue - I really grew to love Phoebe even more. She might be the youngest and an airhead but I really connected with her. Most people over estimate her and just over look her but she is just so much fun, so caring and has a beautiful heart. I loved Piper's little romance that has started with Jake too. I haven't always been the biggest fan of Prue but with the 3 of them together - You are guaranteed an adventure.

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