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Book Review: Burning Both Ends (Guardian Witch #3) by Ally Shields

Burning Both Ends (Guardian Witch #3) - Ally Shields

Series: Guardian Witch #3
Publisher: Etopia Press
Publication Date: 16 September 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Source: Author, Chelsea's Author Promotions (In exchange for an honest Review)
Audio or Book: Book
Length: 288 pages

Goodreads Synopsis:

"Friend or lover. Life or death..."

Supernatural cop Ari Calin arrives at the hostile Toronto vampire court with an ultimatum from the Riverdale vampires: Sebastian, Toronto's vampire prince, must stop his unprovoked attacks--or else. Ari wasn't expecting a fight--the "or else" was typical vampire grandstanding. But even with vampire Andreas De Luca by her side for a show of strength, things get ugly fast. Toronto's vampire world is in crisis, and surrounded by enemies, Ari and Andreas find themselves under attack.

That's when Ari gets the call from the Magic Council ordering her home. Steffan, a good friend and leader of Riverdale's werewolves, has gone missing during top secret negotiations with the US government, and is believed to have been kidnapped--or killed.

Andreas can't abandon the Toronto vampires, and Ari can't leave him to face impossible odds alone. But neither can she disobey her orders from the Council, or leave her friend Steffan to be tortured and killed. Ari's loyalties pull her in two directions--the closest thing to love she's ever known on one side, and friendship and duty on the other. If she can stay alive long enough for the choice to matter... 

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My Review:
Ally knows how to keep you glued to a book. This sequel is fast paced and full of action. The romance never overshadows the story line but does keep it interesting. 


Characters: 4/5

There is some great character development in Burning Both Ends. I can definitely say Ari & Andreas are one of my favourite couples. 
Ari -  Ari is forced to deal with so many burning issues from life and death situations, to her best friend needing her. This is a tough journey for Ari emotionally. She is torn between friendship, love and duty. I just loved her more and more in this book as the story progressed. She really grew and developed as a character.
Andreas - Andreas is an admirable character. His affection, love and respect for Ari are beautiful. His journey and challenges in this book are just as tough. Sometimes his pride & protective instincts over Ari get a little in the way of his decisions and his asking for help when he needs it. Andreas also handles the legend a little bit better than Ari, and I am intrigued to see where the story line goes. 
Lilith - I loved Lilith's role and support. She is a great character and I really enjoyed getting to know her in this book. 
Gabriel - Hmmm, I am not sure if I trust him or how I feel about him at this point. 
We get to know some secondary characters in this book, which keeps everything interesting. 
Plot, Pace, Writing style: 4/5  
The plot is excited and the pace is fast. Ally has a catchy writing style and continues to grow and develop as a writer. The story is gripping from the beginning and there are so many twists, elements and developments to keep you intrigued. The ending is very subtle - you receive closure for this book but you know there are many things that could develop in the next one. 

Cover talk: 3/5: the cover is OK -I loved the knife/dagger on the cover. 

Final Thoughts:  I am excited to continue this series!
Favourite Quotes

"It is only a necklace, cara mia. I am much more concerned about the neck it will adorn." His face softened. "It will please me to see the emeralds worn again. Turn around. Let me fasten it for you. Then I will leave you to complete your toilette."Ari smiled at his language. She'd grown to like the quaint words and phrases that popped out from time to time. He made the process of getting dressed sound so elegant.

Author Bio:I write urban fantasy/supernatural mysteries. The first three novels in the series have been released and Blood and Fire is scheduled for the fall of 2013. I am currently working hard on book 5. When not writing, I read multiple genres--urban fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, romance, and I love to travel-anywhere, anytime. I live in the Midwest with my miniature pinscher Ranger within driving distance of the Mississippi River that is the setting for my books.

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