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Danger in Cat World by nina Post

Danger in Cat World - Nina Post

Danger in Cat World

Publication date: 04 February 2013
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Genre: Mystery / Suspense

A little bit about Nina Post:
Author of Contemporary Fiction since February 2012
Published 5 books so far
Nina's website: www.ninapost.com

Literary Agent: Curiosity Quills

Why did I choose this book/Source?
I chose this book as part of a Author Promotions Program I belong too. The write up sounded intriguing and I loved the cover.

What is the book about?
Detective Shawn Danger, the hardest-working homicide detective in Jamesville County and lives alone with his cat Comet. He loves his job and has the highest case solving record around. His commitment to his job barely leaves time to feed Comet, let alone worry about family frivolities or a love life.  

When Danger is assigned a new murder case of a reclusive paper heiress and her pet tortoise, nothing adds up when he begins collecting the evidence and looking at the suspects. The first strange thing that happens after he gets the new assignment and has assessed the scene for the first time, is dozens of cats start appearing in his house out of thin air, at a rapid rate - followed by strange video footage of himself in a similar, alternate universe. 

The further he probes into the investigation, the more strange things start happening, as he pieces everything together. From following up on leads for the case, tracking down missing employees, his amusing so-called dates with Sarah, (a suspect in the case who Danger has taken a liking too), and the rising number of cats in his apartment. Danger is a strong lead character that keeps you entertained. 

My Review:
I definitely enjoyed Nina Post's writing style and the witty sense of humour she brings to the table. The story is filled with combinations of mystery, witty dialogue, a touch of fantasy and quirky, lovable characters. 
I was quite confused with all the strange events and random point of view changes, and battled to follow where the story was going in the beginning, other than trying to solve a murder case. I did not take to the story line immediately, but I did take to the main character, his sense of humour and interactions with Sarah. 

With that said, I still needed to keep on reading to figure out where the story was going. All in all, a reasonable read from a brilliant writer. 

Source: http://meanwhoyouare.blogspot.com/2013/08/book-review-danger-in-cat-world-by-nina.html