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Book Review: Portals - A fantasy anthology

Portals: A Fantasy Anthology - Christy Thomas, Echo Shea, Anna Simpson, Havva Murat, Laurie Treacy, Michael Siciliano

Publisher: Roane Publishing
Publication Date: 05 June 2014
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Competition Win - ARC from Publisher
Audio or Book: ebook
Length: 220 pages

No matter what world you call home, and what your station in life, there are just some paths that weren't meant to be tread.

1 - Maronda’s Quest by Christy Thomas

The Grand Wizard has decreed Maronda enter the Portal of Life to embark upon a quest of great importance, but despite her Ma’s claims it is a blessing, premonitions of danger persist.


Lenox works to prove his worth to wed her, his true love, but it appears a wizard plots to remove him from Maronda’s life forever. To secure their future together, Lenox decides to accompany her on the quest, even if forbidden. He must ultimately choose between using his dragon fighting skills which could lead to his death, or give Maronda her greatest desire.

In the end, it’s Maronda who must learn to live with the consequences of his decision.


Mini Review

I loved this quick short story. Maronda is brave and beautiful. Christy takes you on a quick roller coaster ride of emotions with Maronda & Lenox.  This is everything a short story should be


2 - Mexmur, the Huntress by Anna Simpson

Long ago a dragonkeeper betrayed his charges. To bring back magic, to set things right, Mexmur is sent through the portal. Can she succeed armed with only a poem, talon and blade?


Mini Review

Initially I wasn't too sure about this short story but the moment Anna introduced Grrr I fell in love with it. I love the Dragon twist in it! 


3 - Entrance of Lost Souls by Echo Shea

A guardian to the entrances between worlds, Gladys has been called to bring a little girl back from Fairyland. Passing through the Entrance of Lost Souls is no fun, neither is hunting down a deranged banshee, but what is a guardian to do?


And, is the banshee really kidnapping the girl...or saving her from something else?


Mini Review

This was an interesting story that had all types of paranormal characters from trolls too banshees and demons. It was a good quick fantasy adventure. 


4 - Where Once were Hearts by Havva Murat

After losing both his parents, his entire fortune and his childhood sweetheart, Master Bartholomew Battlesby sets out into the wilds of Northern England to make the acquaintance of his only surviving relation, the landed recluse, Mr. Horatio Grimsby who has an eerie penchant for both tinkering and clockwork. But, on finding his relation dead, with a gaping hole in his chest, and the beautiful, but scornful, Miss Evangeline Witherop ruling in his place, Bartholomew learns there is more than one way to lose your heart.


Can Bartholomew reignite the spirit of love and mercy within Miss Witherop, or will he suffer the same fate as his poor, heartless cousin?


Mini Review:

I enjoyed the humor that Havva brings to this short story. This is quite an entertaining read. It was a short sweet story about righting a wrong and it has an element of love.


5 - Ordinary World by Laurie Treacy

Imagine a new neighbor moves next door, a creepy guy who gives fifteen year-old Amy Silva the willies? Amy wonders what the stone archway in the backyard is for. Her life becomes even more stressful when her family reveals they’re witches. Could Amy’s new neighbor have anything to do with a local girl’s disappearance or be a threat to her magical loved ones?


Mini Review:

This was a very nice read but maybe a bit too predictable for me. I really liked each character and do think that Laurie could maybe make this a great full length story, adding elements that she only just touched on here.


6 - The Lunatic Queen by Michael Siciliano

The land of Mershinka has been thrown into perpetual night. Their King is dead and a moon witch, known as The Night Queen, rules from the royal palace in Grosnov. An endless fog shrouds the land, killing crops and starving the populace. Cold-eyed enforcers put down rebellions while volksa, twisted wolf-creatures, roam the mists looking for prey. Many have given up hope and wait for the inevitable end. All seems lost.


Two teenagers, Pavel and Tamara, devise a plan to kill Vazya the Night Queen when the moons Kainsk and Seresnya are down, end the stifling enchantment, and bring the sun back to their dying land. But, they need a watch to tell time, a compass to guide them through the mists, weapons to fight off Vazya’s minions, and all the courage they can muster.


Mini Review:

The Lunatic Queen is an interesting adventure filled with great mini twists. I enjoyed the weird creatures Michael creates like the volksa's. I actually enjoyed that the love relationship between was already in place between Pavel and Tamara. 


Cover talk: 5/5 I love that cover. It is gorgeous! 

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this Anthology. It is filled with great mini adventures. 

Favourite Story: Maronda's Quest 

Favourite Character: Grrr 






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