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Guest Post: Audible vs. The US Library System — Tabitha Talks Audiobooks

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Are you a Reader or a Listener?
If you’re both – How do you get your audio books?

I’m of the opinion that I must use every dabnabit available minute of the day reading! – hence if my eyes are occupied I use the good ol ears. Who needs to type of those work reports anyway…

Recently a friend had recommended Audible to me – I’d previously never used it. Why? Because I just didn’t want to pay that monthly fee. Unfortunately, that means I was always stuck with whatever audio books are available from the library. The library in my area is sorely lacking in its audio catalog for Fantasy and SF titles – but they’re heavy on YA books. Doesn’t that always seem to be the case? Seriously though Librarians, I need more adult in my life right now!

I then found out libraries in different states will allow you to BUY a membership to their library if you live out of state. The Brooklyn library, some libraries in Virgina, there is a whole slew of libraries that will allow you to do this. The price you get charged on a yearly basis (if you choose to renew) varies greatly. For instance Brooklyn is $30 a year.

How much is Audible vs a purchased Library membership? $15 a month for 1 credit which equals ONE book where as a library membership is $30 for a year – Eegads right? No competition there I say. Most audio books actually cost about $12.99 on Audible without a membership so if you use that credit you’re losing money each month – Be Ware, beware! I still think Audible is somewhat of a jip because hey I read most of my books and I eat through way too many books a month for this to be cost effective for me. They do have deals on credits though and if you only listen to the occasional audio instead of being a strictly audio reader then it’s not so bad.

I’ve been giving it a try the past three months and have decided it’s alright but you have to really work to find a title that

A) is more than $15, preferably more than $24 to make me feel like I’m the one getting ahead,

B) Isn’t already carried by your local library’s audio overdrive and

C) Is the length of it worth the credit (some audios are 7 hours where others are 17 hours. I just feel like I’m getting more bang for my buck if it’s longer. But anyways…moving on.

So using your library to get audio books is a much better way to go about things. IF your library has a ratshit pile worth of audio offerings (sorry for being mean right there…it’s likely not that libraries fault…funding is crap in so many areas – so no worries libraries I have much love for you) – anyways if the selection sucks – you can purchase a membership to another library rather than Audible. This way you’re supporting the library system AND you’re getting a better bang for your buck. At some libraries $30 a year membership gets you unlimited audio books from the library selection and no monthly cap on downloads. How awesome is that? – I can tell you one thing – I’m tapping into this honeypot.

Alright alright, I see your point so ultimately I’m still PAYING for my audio books. But I often still borrow from my local library, I just don’t want to be constrained to that limited selection. And yes, I’m still subscribed as an Audible member – at least I can return them if I don’t click with the narrator and I like the ability to crank up the narration speed.

Wondering how you can to? Check out this handy dandy list of libraries around the US.

Lending libraries by state

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