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Mini Book Review: Once upon an Island by DM Potter

Once Upon an Island - D M Potter

Publisher: Fairytale Factory NZ Ltd
Publication Date: 20 December 2012
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Amazon Freebie (Promo)
Audio or Book: eBook

Goodreads Synopsis:


Few people have ever been to Arapawa Island in New Zealand. Be warned - it won't be a safe journey. Kidnappers, giant squid and time travel lie down the different paths you can take. Which way will you go?

If you'd like a few pictures to go with your reading experience you can find some that inspired the story here:http://pinterest.com/debzeb/once-upon...

This is an interactive book suitable for readers aged nine and above.


My Review:

This was such a fun read. It is perfect for a younger generation. It doesn't have a straight story line - you are the main character. At the end of the chapter you get to make a choice as to how the story progresses by making a choice about what you should do. There are easily 10 - 15 different stories between these covers. You can go back and make a different decision and the story takes a completely different route. The different routes do not overlap at all. 

The way this book is set up is brilliant. There is no seriousness with this book - just pure fun. The writing is very well done. 

Final Thoughts:  
I am so happy I picked up this freebie while it was on promotion. It is a great fantasy adventure for a much younger generation, and I could appreciate it for what it was. 
My Rating:
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