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Audio Book Review: The Djinn by J. Kent Holloway

The Djinn - J. Kent Holloway

Publisher: Seven Realms Publishing
Book Publication Date: 15 March 2012
Audio Publication Date: 2012
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Audio Book Jukebox (In exchange for an honest Review)
Audio or Book: Audio
Length: 7 hrs 59 mins
Narrator: Wayne Farrell

Goodreads Synopsis:

In the final years of the first Kingdom of Jerusalem, in a vault hidden deep beneath the Temple Mount, Baron Gregory De L'Ombre has made an astonishing discovery. Imprisoned within the vault are twelve monstrous abominations, created by one of King Solomon's wives as a final act of revenge. The secrets of the vault will ensure Gregory's absolute power and forever enslave the Outremer of the Holy Land. No man dares stand against him. But the Djinn is no mere man. A creature of smoke and shadow, a living legend - only the Djinn grasps the full scope of the baron's plans. Only he can save the Holy Land from a fate more terrible than anyone imagines.

My Review:
The book starts off creepily and sucks you in. It is intriguing, and I wanted to listen and hear more. The first few chapters were all from different POV's, creating different angles of the story.  It did make it a little bit complicated to follow initially, but after a few more changes I connected with the characters. I loved the clues and hooks that are dropped throughout the story. Holloway constantly keeps you guessing and intrigued. 


Narration: 4/5

Initially I had my doubts about a male narrator, especially when it came to acting out a female character. I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of Wayne's voice, and how he could change his accents as the characters required. Wayne really did a great job bringing the characters to life, and created the feel and setting of the book superbly. 
Characters: 4/5
Holloway creates interesting characters that surprise you and keep you glued to the story.

Djinn - I loved the Djinn character from the beginning - he was not at all what I expected. He has a good sense of humor, and he comes across as neither good nor evil. (But he seems good to me.) He is my favourite character in the book and really makes the story and keeps it interesting. 
William - I felt sorry for him and really liked his character. He was dealt a tough hand, as Gregory's brother as well as the leprosy. He is kind and wise. I definitely enjoyed his role throughout the story.
Gregory - Gregory is cunning, determined and misguided. His lust for power controls him, and in my opinion he is the villain along with Gerard. He does make a really good villain and is easy to dislike most of the time. In his 'weaker' moments I did feel quite sorry for him, and connected with him when it came to how he felt about his family. 
Gerard - I don't like Gerard.  From the beginning I thought he was a slimeball. To me he is the true villain in this story - he serves Gregory as his mercenary. 
Isabella - What a beautiful, soft, yet strong woman. She doesn't take a lead role initially in the story but I was continually intrigued by her, as she is Gregory's daughter and the obsession of Gerard's affections. 
Plot & pace: 4/5
The Djinn is an Intriguing and interesting story. The story has a good pace. I really enjoyed the feel and setting of the book. The world building is fantastic. The plot is filled with little twists and hooks. Holloway weaves a beautiful gripping story with historical features and fascinating characters. 
Cover talk: 3.5/5 
The cover and the blurb were catching enough to grab my attention while scrolling though the list of Audio books available for request.

Final Thoughts: I am so glad I requested this book. I would definitely pick up another book from J Kent Holloway and would be happy to listen to Wayne Farrell narrate another book. 
Author Bio:
J. Kent Holloway is an adventure author with a passion for edge-of-your-seat thrillers. A real-life paranormal investigator, his work explores the realms of the unknown. When not writing or scouring the southeastern United States for ghosts and cryptids, he works as a forensic death investigator.

Author Links: Website l Facebook l Twitter


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