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Book Review: The Echo Prophecy (Echo Trilogy #1) by Lindsey Fairleigh

Echo Prophecy (Echo Trilogy) - Lindsey Fairleigh
Series: The Echo Prophecy #1
Publisher: L2 Books
Publication Date: 16 August 2013
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal
Source: NetGalley - In exchange for honest review
Goodreads Synopsis:

"...we only see what we want to see...what we expect to see..."

Discover what's hidden--a powerful, mythic race, an ancient Egyptian prophecy, and a love strong enough to shatter the boundaries of time.

Alexandra Larson isn't human...but she doesn't know that. As far as Lex is concerned, she's simply an ambitious and independent archaeology grad student with a knack for deciphering ancient languages, especially the various forms of Egyptian. When she's recruited to work on her dream excavation, her translating skills uncover the secret entrance to an underground Egyptian temple concealed within Djeser-Djeseru--the famous mortuary temple of Queen Hatchepsut. Lex is beyond thrilled by her discovery...as is the enigmatic and alluring excavation director, Marcus Bahur.

As the relationship between Lex and Marcus heats up, a series of shocking revelations leave the young archaeologist reeling. Once Lex discovers the truth of her ancient Egyptian roots--the truth of her more-than-human nature--the people she trusts most make one final, terrifying revelation: Lex is the central figure of a four-thousand-year-old prophecy. She is the only thing standing between the power to alter the very fabric of time and an evil megalomaniac...who also happens to be her father. As events set in motion over four millennia ago lead Lex and Marcus from Seattle to the heart of Egypt, the fate of mankind depends on one thing: the strength of Lex's love. 

***Contains adult content.***
My Review:
I loved this book. It could be because of my existing love of all things mythical related  but either way I really enjoyed this book! At the beginning of the book there are maps which help you get a feel of the place when they get to Egypt. I think this was a brilliant idea as it helped the world building which was also great. 

Characters: 4/5
I really enjoy the family dynamics Lindsey has brought to the story. When reading about Lex and her interactions with her Mom, Dad, Grandma, I felt a part of it and felt the love between them all. All her characters are lovable in their own way, even Set who is the 'bad' guy you love to hate. 

Lex - Lex is a likable character. I love her name - the nickname and the full name Alexandra. I did get a little bit confused when her grandfather Alexander came into the picture. The whole time I kept wanting Lex to just trust her visions - I understood her hesitancy, which was a little bit frustrating but part of the journey and story. Lex is smart, witty and savvy.

Marcus - I enjoyed his presence and the way he oozes power and confidence. Yet he has his weaknesses and humility. His 'god-complex' makes him a bit arrogant, but Lex has a way of bringing him down to earth.  I love his nickname for Lex: little Ivanov, it made it so personal and cute. 
Dominic - Dominic is a great character. I think he might play a bigger role in the books to come. He is smart and quick. He cares for Lex a lot and is her cornerstone/rescuer when Marcus isn't or can't be there. 

Neffe - I like Neffe's feistiness and her honesty. I could really appreciate that she could put her initial dislike aside for Lex and get the job done. As Lex grows on you through the story, so she grows on Neffe too. 

Kat - I enjoyed Kat's youthful enthusiasm. She only plays a bigger role near the end of the story and I hope to see her more in the books to follow. Kat is one of my favourite characters in this story.

Lex & Marcus -This was a nicely paced romance. I didn't get nauseated with their romance but was rooting for them, and wanting to shake some sense into Marcus when he wasn't by Lex's side. It wasn't rushed and the steamy moments were well written. 
Plot, Writing style & Cover: 4/5
Lindsey incorporated the title brilliantly in the story and the plot kept my attention. The plot is balanced, has great world building, and you can see that a lot of research has gone into the story. I felt like a smart Egyptologist! The writing is catching and the story is well put together. 
Lindsey has an easy writing style, the story flows and she sets a great pace. 

I am glad there was no cliff hanger. The ending was the perfect prelude to the next book. 
Favourite Quotes
In my heart, I knew Grandma Suse was right - my dad really was my dad. He'd always been there to pick me up when I fell, and he'd fostered my love of both history and reading. He'd helped shaped me into the person i'd become. In every way that mattered, he was my dad, but I didn't feel the same assuredness in my own identity.
After recording my findings in a spiral notebook and giving myself a very enthusiastic mental high five, I continued translating the tablet. 


Razor-sharp, lyrically beautiful syllables cut her off mid-threat. I had no idea what Marcus had just said, but Neffe's reaction - her features going slack as she stumbled backward - told me he hadn't been talking about fluffy bunnies and milkshakes. 


"Are you sure you want to know? The truth is the truth, but you cannot unknow it." After reading my silence as acquiescence, he looked into my eyes and answered my questions. 

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