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Book Review & Giveaway: Eighteen Kisses by Laura Jane Cassidy

Eighteen Kisses - Laura Jane Cassidy
Series: Angel Kiss #2
Publisher: Razorbill / Puffin
Publication Date: 2 May 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Source: Author - LJ Cassidy 
A little bit about Author
Born and lives in Ireland
Her first story was published when she was 9 years old
First book published in 2011
She has published 2 books so far
Website: www.laurajanecassidy.com

Previous reviews:
Goodreads Synopsis:
Jacki King loves being back in Dublin - she's enjoying the music scene and interning at Electric magazine. She still has flashbacks to the murder case she solved the year before, though her friends, especially Nick, keep her distracted.Until one day Jacki's frightening nightmares begin again. And when the police contact her about a local missing girl, she knows the two are connected.
Two years before, on her eighteenth birthday, Kayla Edwards disappeared. Nobody has ever been found.
But now Kayla is communicating with Jacki from beyond the grave - and she won't stop until the truth is revealed . . .

My Review:
Once again I enjoy the relativity of Laura's writing. I enjoyed her links throughout the story and I can see how she has grown as a writer. This is still a young read but it is a good sequel.
Characters: 3.5/5
Jacki - Jacki is a lovable character. She has matured a lot in Eighteen Kisses, and is handling her gift much better. Her passion for music really comes through again in this book and I loved it that Laura included a performance and some of her lyrics. Jacki is young, but you can see her growth from the first book and through this book. I was so glad when she finally stood up for herself with regards to Nick. 
Nick - I can't say I'm a huge Nick fan - I wasn't fond of him in the first book and his behavior is suspicious in this one. He is such an ass, but maybe that is the point? 
Dillon - Dillon is such a sweet and kind character. I have high hopes for him and Jacki if she can detach herself from Nick and that illusion of a relationship. 
Colin - I still love Colin's arty and gay bff role. He has such a good heart, and I enjoy that he is so honest with Jacki. 
Plot, Writing style & Cover: 3.5/5
Laura has definitely developed her plot writing skills. The chapters are nice, easy reading lengths. Laura sets a great pace and a good plot. Even if it has the same structure, there is a lot of growth from Laura with the characters. This plot has a nice twist near the end, when it is reaching its peak. I had absolutely no suspicion who the murderer was! The cover was ok and did keep with the theme of the first book - I really liked the swing. This was a good sequel to Angel Kiss. 
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